Seema Adams
Seema Adams's Fundraiser

25km Waendal Walk 13th May 2017 - raising money for PCDH19 allaince

Join us and help make a difference to the lives of these girls suffering with PCDH19

$1,900 towards $2,000

Myself, family, friends and Lonsdale work colleagues will be doing the 25km Waendal Walk on the 13th May to raise money for Jessica Adams, my beautiful little girl suffering with PCDH19.

Jessica is now nearly 5, she is still struggling to communicate verbally, whilst she is in mainstream school she is miles behind her peers, PCDH19 not only means Jessica suffers with seizures that can be life threatening but her speech, language and development is also delayed massively and she is constantly poorly with one infection or another due to a low immune system.

Help us find an effective treatment and ultimately a cure for PCDH19 Alliance to help girls like Jessica.

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping us meet my goal for PCDH19 Alliance