Seema Adams
Seema Adams's Fundraiser

Lonsdale Iron Run 2016 - raising money for PCDH19 alliance

Join me and help make a difference to the lives of these girls suffering with PCDH19

$1,699 towards $2,000

Written by Lonsdale aka Jessica's mummys work place!

The Lonsdale team will be taking part in the iron run on the 1st October to raise funds for a charity close to our hearts.

We want to help assist our Lonsdale colleague and friend Seema in her quest to promote awareness and raise money for the charity PCDH19 Alliance.

Seema's daughter Jessica suffers with PCDH19. It causes her to have seizures, the worst of which occurred in January this year which caused Jessica to stop breathing twice after a massive 45 minute attack.

These life threatening seizures are caused by this rare condition. It is caused by a change or mutation of the PCDH19 gene found within the X chromosome which causes early onset seizures, cognitive, sensory delays and behavioral problems.

Whilst Jessica is a happy 4 year old she has the development, speech and language skills of a 2 year old and is only just learning to talk.

We are raising money for The PCDH19 Alliance to help aid their mission in improving lives of children and families like Jessica's affected by this rare form of Epilepsy .

The PCDH19 Alliance focuses on raising and directing funds for scientific research to find better, more effective treatments and ultimately a cure.

Your donation is highly appreciated.

A big thank you & wish us all luck – Team Lonsdale x