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Olivia had her first seizure at 15 months old....She had over 30 during her 1st hospitalization. It was the scariest thing I have had to witness as a parent. She has come a long way over the past year. We recently found out she has a mutation on the x chromosome, PCDH19 epilepsy. We are lucky to have the support we do. Although she takes medication daily, at any point she could have another seizure. When she has one, she usually has multiple which can be hard to control. With the medications, come side effects. We hope to someday have a cure, no more seizures.

Help us find an effective treatment and ultimately a cure for PCDH19 Alliance, while we support children and families fighting this disease today through our patient assistance grant program. Because of the PCDH19 Alliance and the research they fund and the advocacy they provide, there was a clinical trial for a new medication and there were two more cutting edge research projects funded this year.

I truly appreciate all the kind words and wearing purple in support of Olivia and PCDH19. Please consider making a donation to PCDH19 Alliance during Epilepsy awareness month. Thank you!