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A Cure is out there, help us find it

Join me and help make a difference for Violet, please give today.

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Join me in supporting a cause that has changed my life forever.

Since Violet's first seizure changed our lives when she was 10 months old, Matt and I have been coming to our friends and family twice a year and asking for your support in whatever way you can (helping raise awareness about what epilepsy really is, helping us raise funds to find a way to stop the seizures and support families).

This year, again, Violet has had 100s of seizures, and has been hospitalized numerous times. She has missed family events, seeing friends, zoo trips, and school and through it all she never gives up and never gives in.

At age 8, Violet now understands she has PCDH19 Epilepsy and the medications are failing her. She understands that her memory fails her and that she tires easily due to her medications. She begs us to make the seizures stop.

We will never give up trying and that is why we volunteer for the PCDH19 Alliance and raise funds for PCDH19 Research each year! Because of the PCDH19 Alliance and the research they fund and the advocacy they provide, there was a clinical trial for a new medication and there were two more cutting edge research projects funded this year. Thank YOU for not giving up on our family and for continuing to listen to us, be there for us, and help us fight alongside Violet.

With your help, we have HOPE for no more ambulance rides, no more sedating medications, no more hospitalizations, no more violent seizures that threaten her life, no more suffering for our sweet girl and the thousands like her that live with this devastating disease.

Matt and I do not want to hear the words "code blue" EVER again in regards to our child, so we are going Code Purple again this November and every November until the seizures stop for good, until we don't have to worry when the next seizure will slam her to ground, slow her breathing and cause her to lose all she has worked so hard to learn. Please consider joining us this November with a donation, some fact sharing or a word of encouragement-it is all so appreciated.

Love and Gratitude- Matt, Julie, Violet and Rory

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for PCDH19 Alliance